Printsum - the product

Printsum:  the product

What does our software do? It takes the sweat out of administration. It calculates the likely cost of the job, and gives you specialist tools to help you negotiate with the customer, taking true profit and added value into account.

It then produces all the documentation - quotations, confirmation notes, job sheets, box labels, delivery notes and invoices as the job goes through the system.

There's a visual job scheduler, a form designer, a profit analysis facility, CRM tools, and plate layout diagrams.

Printsum includes stock control and purchase ordering, and can let your shop-floor record their real-time tasks.

A 'driver's seat' view let you keep an eye on critical metrics, while for serious ad-hoc number crunching, all data can be painlessly exported to Excel painlessly.

From inside the program you can access a full interactive on-line help system, with video tutorials to refer to, and we offer free on-line live introductory training sessions to help you get started.

You DON'T have to use everything from day one. Start with estimating and grow into the rest as your business expands. And the good news is that there are no expensive extra modules to install.

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